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Hi Girls! Some nice “treats” for you!

Pearl Top and Shorts

Nicole Dress

Maia Tank Top and Skirt



One hunt going on till June 25th! Dirty Little secrets

1 linden Path

25 Linden Path


Upcoming Hunts:

June 15th Peace by Peace hunt

1 Linden


June 19th Midsummer Night Dream

3 Linden

GOSH… February already?

OK let me put in some new goodies for you!

NUTS Inc – Main shop

MP: Melanie Jeans HUD Driven – 18 Textures jeans- 18 belt – 3 metals
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Around the grid in 80 days

Starting today! July 13th 2018
There are two hunt prims, 1L or 25L.  1L prim is hidden in the store, 25L prim is placed by the sign.  They both contain the same prize.
My gifts:

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Happy Hunting!

January! New start

Starting the year with some new Group Gifts! Male and female

Get them HERE


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POE 10 Started today!

You’ve been waiting for it again, and so here it is! It’s December 1st, and you know what that means… you can start hunting!

Just a small, wintery space, utilizing some of our Designers’ items. You can get the latest copy of the hint list here, donate to the hunt here, or just hang out in the snow. This is your hunt, so this is your little space to enjoy the beginning, the middle, the end… wherever.

Baskinta: An Experiment in World Peace is a LEA land-grant sim awarded to Wrennoir Cerise and Good Cross for their concept based on the city of Baskinta, a war-torn city in Lebanon which had nurmerous positive effects achieving peace through transcendental meditation. The sim is designed and decorated by Ayla Zhoy, Morgan Whitfield, and Wrennoir Cerise. Feel free to explore the sim, and in the room that you find the board with the hint list, you will also find several free gifts provided by generous designers for the Baskinta project. This may not be a wintery/holiday sim, but Baskinta is the epitome of the Peace that we look for in the *Peace* On Earth Hunt.

You can find this in my shop

NUTS Inc -POE10 Hunt Gift


POE 10 huntgift

POE website

NUTS Inc -POE10 Hunt Gift!

February Hunting @ the shop

February Hunting @ NUTS Inc

Boobs for Beads – January 19 – February 16
Bourbon St 3: Xtreme Mardi Gras Hunt – January 19 – February 12
Dance with me Hunt – February 15 – 10 March


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January Hunting @ the shop

Hunting into the new year!

Anything Goes Hunt – January 4 – 13
Steampunk meets Flowerpower Hunt – January 1 – 31
Glitz, Clamour & Sparkle Hunt – January 11 – February 1
Bourbon St 3: Xtreme Mardi Gras Hunt – January 19 – February 12
Boobs for Beads – January 19 – February 16


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December hunting @ the shop

Hunts for December

Secret Santa – December 10 – 31
Unwrapped Hunt – December 3 – 31
Santa’s Naughty List Hunt – December 10 – 31

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iTouch Hunt – Folklore theme

Another hunt coming soon 😉

February 13 till March 13 2012 – iTouch Hunts Presents : Folklore Hunt
Blog : iTouch Hunts – Start Location: START

Because we are real “Dutchies” a traditional Dutch outfit was our goal.. see for yourself 😉

Photo’s Daligdig Island

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Greetzz Lea

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