Merry Christmas!

First of all, I want to wish you all Merry Christmas and a beautiful, happy and healthy 2019!

I have some new treats for you in the shop and there is still time to get the GroupGift and the hunt items.

For the guys a warm sweater this time.NUTS Inc - Xavier Sweater AD

For the girls I have a skirt and a lovely sparkling party dress.

Get over and have a look!



About Lea Supermarine

I am Lea Supermarine The shere joy of creation, the fun of building something out of nothing, to take an empty canvas and tell a story ...what can I say? It's a pleasure/fun, it's what picks me up and makes me fly ;) Though I am a solo working artist/designer I enjoy the input and touch of fellow creators, being it builders, painters, photographers and designers. The sparring, the mutual inspiration is as much part of my joy as the process of creation itself.

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